Yes I have another wish

Global Peace looks like something far away because we feel separated and not conditioned to express basic wishes of the Human Community.

Try to do it now. If you have already expressed your wish for Global Peace and/or you have another wish you would like to realize, you may ask Taratam now


Here is an explanation of how to make and realize wishes using TARATAM


Close your eyes and just imagine your wish realized.

How will it be.

How do you feel about it.

This process is important to discover your intention concerning the wish. Do you really care about it. Than you are ready to formulate it again and continue to step 2.


Create a video or an audio track or a text where you tell your wish using the magic words: "I WISH (your wish) TARATAM - REALIZE".

Share your wish using your favorite communication tools and the hash tags "#(your wish)" and "#taratam" "#taratamrealize"


To make it possible for your wish to be realized you must start to realize the wishes of others.

Realize a wish


To realize a wish just search using tags in communication tools (like FB, Youtube, Instagram) and see if there are some wishes that you are able to fulfill or to be helpfull with. You can chat directly or create group of Realizers (we suggest 20 persons + 1 official TARATAM moderator). Than... REALIZE!

When you have realize a wish add a comment or, better yet, create a new post or video to tell your story of wish realization. This can be very useful for everybody!